Welcome to Karajarri Ngurra (gara-jarri ngu-rra)

"Everything, all the animals, birds, people and seasonal changes, comes from the country, and the country is Pukarrikarrajangka. Ngurra Yalawarra. Everything sits in the belly of the country. We stand here as Karajarri, from Pukarrikarra ('Dreamtime'). Wildlife, the Whiteman calls it, but it's from Pukarrikarra. Like the water, it's our life. We want to look after that country for our young people. We belong to that country." Donald Grey Wuntupu 1999

The Karajarri Protected Area Visitors Permit is for people wishing to visit and explore Mirntanymartaji and Purnturrpurnturr Country (the Port Smith and Gourdon Bay area). All visitors to these areas enter and travel at their own risk. You should ensure that you are adequately prepared.

The website has been designed to minimise the administration cost of issuing permits so that a maximum percentage of your fee can be committed to looking after the important environmental and cultural values of the land. Please direct any enquiries relating to the permit system and/or the Karajarri IPA to karajarri.admin@klc.org.au.

Applying for a permit

This website will guide you through applying for a permit and will prompt you for any necesary information before moving to the next page. The website will take you through 2 stages: application and payment. If you make a mistake or want to change any information, you can do so anytime up until you make payment for the permit.

A permit will only be issued once it has been paid for. It is valid for the vehicle, number of persons and time period indicated on the permit. The fees are determined per vehicle for non-commercial applicants, while commercial applicants are determined per person as follows:

Type Non-commercial Commercial
Day permit $10.00 per vehicle $5.00 per person
Weekend permit $15.00 per vehicle $10.00 per person
Week permit $40.00 per vehicle $20.00 per person
Annual permit $80.00 per vehicle Unavailable


This website uses the PayPal service for taking payments. You do not require a PayPal account to use this service, just an accepted credit or debit card. If you would prefer to obtain a permit manually, you can do so on site at the Port Smith Caravan Park.

Your permit will serve as a tax receipt, as well as being your permit to visit these areas. Please make sure that the information that you enter in your application is correct before you proceed to payment as details can only be changed by contacting the system administrator once you have paid for your permit.

Unfortunately refunds cannot be given, so please be sure to consider this before entering your details and purchasing the permit.


We welcome feedback on the permit system. We will be undertaking periodic reviews and any feedback received will be considered at this time. Please direct your feedback to karajarri.admin@klc.org.au.

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