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Being On Country

Certain areas on Karajarri Country are off limits. Sensitive areas, burial grounds and law grounds are “No Go”. If you are unsure, please ask a Traditional Owner or Ranger, who will advise you correctly

Safety On Country

The Kimberley is a wild and remote place. When travelling and exploring the region it is advisable to take these precautions:

  1. Ensure your vehicle is suitable and well maintained – check water, tyres, recovery gear, compressor, battery etc.
  2. Bring safety equipment such as a first aid kit, plenty of fresh water, and vinegar for stings
  3. Respect wildlife and avoid snakes, crocodiles, marine stingers, sea snakes, mosquitoes
  4. Charge your phone before you go out
  5. Be sun-smart: avoid excessive exercise in the midday heat
  6. Tell someone where you’re going before you go
  7. Watch out for the high tides
  8. Don't speed on tracks: maximum 40km/hr
  9. Be aware of sunset times when out walking; the sun goes down quickly
  10. Be careful around the Gourdan Bay cliffs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Karajarri Protected Area Visitor Permit?

The permit allows all visitors to the area the right to access and enjoy recreational areas on Karajarri country according to the conditions set out below. Everybody who enters Mirntanymartaji and Purnturrpurnturr country must have a Permit.

Where can the permit be purchased?

A permit for the area can be purchased from the Port Smith Caravan Shop or online via our website.

We understand that many visitors have been coming to this area for a long time without having to obtain a permit. We appreciate you cooperation and understanding.

Why is there a permit system in place?

The permit system has been introduced for many reasons. Primarily it has been introduced to assist in looking after Karajarri country. Managing country and providing access to the special places around Port Smith costs money and the major expenses include:

In addition to funding the above activities revenue raised from this Permit system will go directly into operational budgets for the Karajarri Rangers enabling ongoing employment of indigenous men and women to help look after country. Through the introduction of this Permit system we hope to enhance the visitor experience for all who visit our country.

Where does the permit allow me to go?

The Karajarri Traditional Lands Association has identified places where visitors are welcome to visit and enjoy. These are:

Please refer to the visitor information guide for more information about these places.

What areas are restricted?

In recent years many visitors have been accessing other places outside of the area mentioned above. It has been decided that visitor access must be restricted to the places outlined above. This is because of environmental, cultural and economic reasons. This may change in the future.